Spotlight on Sodium Solutions

Sodium Solutions exceeds customer satisfaction through its high standard of customer service and capacity for adaptability.

At Saskatchewan Minerals, establishing a reputation of always putting customers first can have far-reaching results over time, both for our customers and for our partners. That’s why it’s important for us to align ourselves with like-minded companies that also focus on transparency, exceptional service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Sodium Solutions fits the bill perfectly. For the last seven years, this Western Canada-based company has packaged material on behalf of Saskatchewan Minerals, while continuing to exceed customers’ expectations and meeting industry’s ever-changing needs.

“We have cut our teeth on finding cost-effective and sometimes-creative ways of bringing chemicals to market that offer a strong value-add for our customers [while adapting] to meet each customer’s need as best we can,” says Sodium Solutions General Manager Chris Jurick. This high standard of customer service, he says, is a key trait that his company was founded on.

Quality Service

As a fully integrated supplier, distributor and packager of industrial chemical goods, Sodium Solutions focuses on meeting the basic chemical-supply needs of various sectors—including oil and gas, industrial, agriculture and forestry—by emphasizing quality customer-focused service.

“By offering superior products from leading North American manufacturers like Saskatchewan Minerals, we have the ability to mix and blend products to grow and adapt to the changing environment and needs of our clients,” says Chris.

“Once we establish an understanding that our company wants to be a long-term partner with a customer, our customers become very open with their respective needs, and we counter with honest answers with regards to our capabilities.”

Committed to Excellence

Sodium Solutions never loses sight of the bigger picture: to always offer every customer great quality, value and expert service.

“Having customers with different needs in different industries has necessitated Sodium Solutions to always be looking for alternative ways of meeting goals,” says Chris. Solving customer issues either through custom-labelled bagging, custom-sized bag weights or custom blending options, and introducing time-saving innovations for order-placement and load scheduling, are some of the ways that the company is providing quality service and product satisfaction.

“We work very hard to maintain an open line of communication with all of our customers,” says Chris. “We’re a very honest and open company, and we offer our customers the opportunity to voice any concerns that they may have with their purchase or experience.”

The Ties That Bond

For Saskatchewan Minerals Accounts Manager Clayton Millar, the strong bond created between the two companies has allowed each to lean on one another’s expertise and knowledge to meet unique customer requirements.

“Both of our companies have worked hard to be innovative and grow into new niche markets, and the work we do with Sodium Solutions allows us to act quickly to our customers’ ever-changing demands and meet increases in the marketplace,” says Clayton.

“When you think of the perfect supplier, you think of quality, reliability, flexibility and service. Sodium Solutions fits within all of these categories.”