Reaching Beyond Saskatchewan

As demand for sodium sulphate increases, Saskatchewan Minerals remains at the forefront of today’s global marketplace by positioning itself as a leader in Canada and internationally.

At Saskatchewan Minerals, reach is key. Establishing a network throughout North America and beyond is part of its growth strategy.

Building on the strength of its many long-standing international partnerships, Saskatchewan Minerals takes pride in serving the North American sodium sulphate industry from its many strategic locations throughout Canada and the United States.

“Each location has been selected to enable our reach and allow us the ability to supply key geographical locations with high-quality, natural sodium sulphate,” says Anita Stettner, regional accounts and logistics manager at Saskatchewan Minerals. “All of our dedicated transfer points adhere to our quality procedures, and are audited and visited on a regular basis to ensure that our stringent standards are met.”

Demand for product

In response to overwhelming interest for sodium sulphate across North America, Saskatchewan Minerals guarantees its product supply through its various distribution points, from Saint John, N.B., to Lewiston, Idaho.

“Ensuring a healthy supply of product at different distribution points across North America offers flexibility for our customers to quickly gain access to our product and comprehensive logistics network,” says Clayton Millar, regional accounts manager with Saskatchewan Minerals.

A powerful team of logistics specialists in-house and at transfer points across North America means Saskatchewan Minerals is able to offer the most reliable logistics solutions in the industry. The company reacts quickly to changes in regional demand, fulfilling clients’ needs efficiently and dependably.

“All of our transfer-point partners go above and beyond the call of duty to manage the unique needs of every customer, producing sophisticated solutions to any challenge that may arise,” says Clayton.

The perfect supplier

Saskatchewan Minerals prides itself on working with the best; selecting transfer-point partners that meet or exceed the Saskatchewan Minerals core value system of quality and service — standards that consistently guide how the company conducts its business, both locally and internationally.

“All of our package locations provide product that meets FDA, FCC (Food Chemicals Codex), and kosher requirements,” says Anita. “[Our contractors] work hard to meet any order we give them… [handling] the special needs of every customer.”

When on the lookout for the perfect supplier, Saskatchewan MInerals is always cognizant of quality, reliability, speed and strong service. When we have an opportunity to introduce another transfer point, “The team will fully investigate the packagers and look for the best contractor in the marketplace,” says Clayton. “We look for who can be the most cost-effective, yet still supply the quality and service that our customers have come to expect from us.”

As a company that relies heavily on the hard work of all its partners, Saskatchewan Minerals is pleased to provide its clients with the highest-quality product and service from an ever-growing network of locations that serve global demands.