Process, Progress and the Saskatchewan Research Council

Our long-standing relationship with the Saskatchewan Research Council has helped Saskatchewan Minerals maintain industry-leading quality standards.

At Saskatchewan Minerals, we owe our reputation for quality to our stringent processes. The development of these processes was greatly influenced by input from the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC), an organization we’ve worked with for more than 40 years. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on the SRC and the key role it’s played in shaping our company.

Our two organizations began working together in the 1960s. Says senior quality and process engineer Glenn Jackle, “Over the decades, the SRC has worked closely with our team to enhance product standards and make testing processes as effective as possible.” The SRC developed analytical procedures specifically for the prairies, which were instrumental in shaping the province’s sodium sulphate industry. They also improved Saskatchewan Minerals’ ability to develop and compete on a national and international level.

The SRC has conducted numerous studies for Saskatchewan Minerals, on product quality, process efficiency and productivity. Currently, Saskatchewan Minerals sodium sulphate undergoes analysis by the SRC’s Environmental Analytical Laboratories (EAL), an organization accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation in accordance with ISO 17025. This analysis is an essential step in ensuring Saskatchewan Minerals sodium sulphate meets the highest standards in the industry.

According to Jackle, “SRC provides general analytical services that verify the accuracy of SMI laboratory results, provide data for parameters not tested in the Saskatchewan Minerals laboratory and provide the data required for environmental reporting. The SRC is also a reputable resource that willingly provides information to improve the Saskatchewan Minerals laboratory apparatus and test methods, to improve the product quality, modify the process, solve process problems, answer customer enquiries and respond to new and revised regulations.”

Consistently high product quality has become a hallmark of the Saskatchewan Minerals offering, and a goal that has shaped the company’s structure and culture. Over the years, the SRC has expanded into one of the most comprehensive analytical services providers in Canada, with more than 400 employees and almost 2,000 clients. As we celebrate our 65th year in business, Saskatchewan Minerals is looking forward to a long future of collaboration with the SRC.