President’s Message

A few words from Rod’s corner

This issue of The Element is all about Community. At Saskatchewan Minerals, Community includes our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

Our Community also includes the larger community of Chaplin, and the people who live around our facility including shorebirds and Ducks Unlimited, and the entire province of Saskatchewan.

We are at our best when all of these relationships are positive and co-operative. It is important for us to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy.

Saskatchewan Minerals Inc. - Sodium Sulphate is Our Business

When you’re in the business of taking something out of the soil, it is important that you focus on giving something back. It is wonderful that at Saskatchewan Minerals, that is not only a corporate value but a personal one, too. Our employees get involved and give back to the community, and many of our customers do, too.

One person that I am so happy to have as a member of our community is Brent Avery. I am thrilled that he has stepped up to work as General Manager. He has been with our organization for many years.

His ability to communicate and understand our organization and our employees and understand the needs and drivers of our customers is fantastic. I don’t think we’ve ever had someone as focused as he is on the culture of Saskatchewan Minerals and the communication within our organization in this role.

Brent was asked how he felt coming up into this role and, unsurprisingly, his answer revolved around that sense of community, as well.

“Here at Chaplin, we like to define our community as more than just our co-workers. It includes our suppliers who provide excellent product for us, as well as our customers who we, in turn, provide excellent product for,” explains Brent. “But the heart of our community is really our workers. A lot of our employees have been here for more than three decades and they are excellent to work with.”

“As General Manager, it makes me feel really good when our employees reach out into the community,” says Brent. “I think it reflects not only their values, but the values of Saskatchewan Minerals.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Rodney J. McCann

President, Saskatchewan Minerals Inc.