Peak Performance

Alexandre Bilodeau – Moguls Gold Medal WinnerPeak Performance

The pursuit of excellence. It’s the maxim of both Canada’s Olympic athletes and Saskatchewan Minerals. That’s why we are one of a tight group of Canadian private companies that proudly support B2Ten, a privately funded non-profit organization that supports elite athletes to succeed at the highest levels. B2Ten provides athletes with access to training resources, support services and high-performance technology.

During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games in February, the spirited performances of our Canadian athletes brought the country – and the world – to the edge of their seats.

Our athletes proved they’re committed, competitive, and at the top of their game. B2Ten supported athletes exceeded expectations with 12 podium finishes: 7 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze medals. Now that’s results.

It may not be a Golden Goal, but taking the time and effort to listen to our customers, delivering the best product, and continually improving our practices is our way of competing and winning each day.

Read the inspiring story of Alex Bilodeau, a B2Ten athlete and the first Canadian to win Gold on home soil.