Maintaining a Wetland Wonderland

As a company that relies on water to sustain its product, Saskatchewan Minerals is invested in the environment. To that end, we work cooperatively with Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) to give back, and ensure that the wetlands surrounding our plant in Chaplin are preserved for the future.

“At Ducks, we depend upon sponsors and partners who care about the environment, about our watersheds and wildlife,” says Brent Kennedy, Provincial Manager of Operations for Ducks Unlimited Canada in Saskatchewan. “It is only with the generous support of individuals and organizations like Saskatchewan Minerals that Ducks Unlimited Canada can help protect and restore wetlands and natural habitat areas across Saskatchewan.”

Periodic contributions and assistance with other fundraising efforts are all part of the continued working relationship with Ducks Unlimited, the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

Water Critical to Both Waterfowl and Business

There’s been an association with Ducks Unlimited Canada for a long time,” says Glenn Jackle, Senior Quality and Process Engineer. “The water we bring in from the river flows through the DUC ponds and marshes.”

Having fresh water storage facilities means having birds around. Their health and welfare is part of the health of those storage facilities and that water supply. So, in addition to an annually renewed corporate sponsorship and other contributions, Saskatchewan Minerals works closely with DUC to monitor the flow of water to the plant.

A Long History of Co-operation and Understanding

“At the marsh, there are maximum water levels and preferred operating levels,” Glenn says. “In a normal year, when you’re having water that moves through the Ducks Unlimited conservation areas into our facility, someone has to monitor the flow and ensure the levels don’t go over.

“They won’t know how much water we need and we don’t know the levels they need, so we have to talk to each other to make sure everyone gets what they need. It has always been a positive relationship,” says Glenn.

Future Looks Bright Thanks To Shared Goals

The joint efforts between Saskatchewan Minerals and Ducks Unlimited lead to the creation of habitat and is better for the environment,” says Glenn. He adds that these habitats support a lot of other wildlife as well, including mammals and birds.

Saskatchewan has long been recognized by DUC for its precious wetland habitats, with waterfowl migrating to the province each spring to breed and raise their young. With a mission to conserve, restore and manage those wetlands to benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people, the organization is in perfect lock-step with our own vision for Saskatchewan’s sustainable future.