Getting Better All The Time

Getting Better All The Time

Not interested in good enough, Saskatchewan Minerals is constantly improving its already high product quality.

What does a policy of continual enhancement towards quality control mean at Saskatchewan Minerals? Regional Accounts Manager Clayton Millar puts it simply, “instead of just sitting by and saying, ‘well, this works, let’s carry on’, we’re always looking for ways we can do things better.”

As one of the only sodium sulphate producers to have their Quality Management System registered to the stringent ISO-9001 standard, Saskatchewan Minerals demonstrates its dedication to quality control by guaranteeing a minimum purity standard of 99 per cent in its product, which has also been certified Kosher by a rabbi in accordance with Jewish law.

Exceeding Already High Standards

“I think the Saskatchewan Minerals’ dedication to quality is evident in what we guarantee,” says Millar, “and it shows how confident we are and just how accurate we can be in our production of sodium sulphate.”

The quality management process is set up so that there are checks throughout the entire production system, in different locations — in the lab every three hours, at several points of production and prior to shipment. Constant monitoring and adjustment of chemicals, flows and water levels often keep the actual purity of the product even higher than the 99 per cent standard.

Fixing Problems Before They Happen

“We’re testing so thoroughly and so often that we are able to fix a problem before there even is a problem and produce to a higher standard,” says Millar.

Saskatchewan Minerals has also continued to improve procedures like using automatic sampling, which is more accurate and consistent than manual sampling, and using better additives, which result in a higher-grade end product and the ability to produce more in less time.

Only the Best

By producing only one product (anhydrous sodium sulphate), Saskatchewan Minerals is able to keep a single- minded mission and focus when it comes to product consistency and standards.

“We do a high-grade product and that’s all we make,” says Millar. “We can supply many different customers with the exact same product knowing that everything is good because all we have is good product.”

This year, Saskatchewan Minerals moves into its second decade of ISO 9001 certification, which they first attained in May 2000. “We achieved certification and have never lost it,” says Millar. “We’re committed to ISO for the long-haul.”

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