Fierce Competition for Talent

Following years of sagging employment numbers, Industry Canada is now forecasting a labour market shortage that will have wide-ranging effects on employers in almost every industry.

Leading economists are saying the unemployment figures will continue to decline, and a Bloomberg report indicates that the 9.5% rate of June and July this year will drop further to an average of 9.1% in 2011.

The Saskatchewan Minerals Labour Outlook

A general trend affecting labour and unions in the years to come is the challenge of replacing an aging work force with a younger skilled work force. That’s the picture presented by Saskatchewan Minerals’ union president Lloyd Wakeford, who is already seeing moves in the right direction.

“We’ve taken positive steps by hiring younger personnel and trying things like apprenticeship and education,” Lloyd says. “I see a bright future for Saskatchewan Minerals because, through the good times and bad, we always pull together to make things work.”