Employee Spotlight

Saskatchewan Minerals Inc. - Sodium Sulphate is Our Business

Meet Natalie Adrian, shipping clerk

The summer day in 2009 when Saskatchewan Minerals sold its 10 millionth ton was special in more ways than one for Natalie Adrian.

“I was the lucky winner of the employee draw for a trip to Las Vegas,” says the hard-working shipping clerk. “Several people from the community and surrounding areas came out and celebrated with us.”

Always Ready to Help

Of course, it’s not all trips to Vegas for Natalie, who welcomes the challenges of her job. She’ll always remember the day a customer requested several additional orders on short notice. That’s one of the challenges of the job that Natalie really enjoys.

Natalie is committed to what she does, to her family and to her community… At night, if she doesn’t hear the plant being switched by the railroad, she doesn’t sleep.

- Anita Stettner, Saskatchewan Minerals Regional Accounts and Logistics Manager

That’s true! – Natalie Adrian, Shipping clerk, mom and this issue’s Employee Spotlight

“As a team we came through and made it happen,” she says. “It was stressful, but a great feeling of accomplishment. I work with a great group of people, which makes it a joy to come to work every day. There’s a saying that if you’re in a job and you don’t want to come in every morning, you should switch professions – I enjoy coming to work every day.”

In fact, Natalie says her proudest moments at Saskatchewan Minerals are when things are short notice, like when suppliers call up and need an emergency shipment. “I love the challenge of it,” she says. “And I’m really happy when it follows through.”

Another Local Success Story

Born not far away in Moose Jaw, SK, Natalie went to school in Chaplin before starting as a part-time receptionist in 1990 with Saskatchewan Minerals, where several friends and family also work.

Eventually, a supervisor who felt she could handle the position asked her to consider working in shipping. She completed a Transportation & Distribution Management course, and now processes customer orders, arranges shipments by rail and truck, and manages warehouse inventory and customer service.

People Come First

“The highlight of my job is speaking with my customers every day and working out their problems and getting their shipments to them on time,” says Natalie, a mother of three who’s also an avid camper, golfer and curler. “Delays can occur and you need to be a step ahead to avoid having a customer’s plant shut down.”

Natalie’s co-workers agree that she brings a lot to the Saskatchewan Minerals team.

“Natalie is the glue that holds our department, actually our company, together,” says Anita Stettner, Regional Accounts and Logistics Manager and Natalie’s supervisor.

“She always comes to me with a set of solutions or suggestions, rather than bringing problems,” says Anita of Natalie’s can-do attitude. “She is committed to what she does, to her family and to her community.”

Natalie’s dedication as an employee doesn’t end when she clocks out at the end of the day. “At night, if she doesn’t hear the plant being switched by the railroad, she doesn’t sleep,” shares Anita.

When asked if this is true, Natalie just laughs, “Yes, yes, that’s true!”