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Meet Bruce Olson, Journeyman Welder

Bruce Olson proved his familiarity with the “Saskatchewan Minerals way” when he went on a recent customer sales trip to Eastern Canada to fix a railcar unloading issue. A welder for 19 years with the company, his innovative thinking combined with experience and commitment to quality led to finding the best way to get a job done.

Problem > Plan > Completion

Saskatchewan Minerals received a customer call regarding a railcar door that would not open. “We traveled to Ontario to open a faulty railcar door.” Bruce recalls, describing the problem relating to a hook clamp and leverage pressure. “It was a tough job but since I have seen this kind of problem before I had a definite plan in mind which ended up in a successful completion of the problem. It was great to see an end user’s facility and learn what issues they deal with in day-to-day operations. Also to learn what we can do to make their lives just a little easier. The client was super happy.”

Journeyman Welder Bruce Olson has been with Saskatchewan Minerals for nearly 20 years.

Family legacy

Born and raised in Chaplin, Saskatchewan, Bruce is following closely in his father Ivan’s footsteps. Ivan worked at Saskatchewan Minerals from 1974 to 2007, and Bruce started in 1992.

“I’ve been welding since I was old enough to walk with my father on our farm,” says Bruce, who completed his Journeyman Welding at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) in Moose Jaw. “My main focus is repair, maintenance and design at the facility in Chaplin, using my welding and equipment operating skills. There’s a new challenge every day.”

Passing the welding torch?

A graduate of Chaplin High School, Bruce is married to Lynette and the couple live in Chaplin with their two children Orin and Wesley. With several sets of footsteps to follow now, they could represent the next generation to carry on the “Saskatchewan Minerals way.”