Doing business together for more than two decades

Saskatchewan Minerals couldn’t be happier to be in a long-term business relationship with Chem-Way Corporation, and the feeling is mutual.

The alliance between Saskatchewan Minerals and Chem-Way Corporation dates back to the summer of 1992, when the North Carolina chemical distributor came on board to store, package and truck sodium sulphate to customers in the Southeastern United States. Ever since, Chem-Way has been a key logistical hub for Saskatchewan Minerals, and a valued ally.

Tim Swain, owner of Chem-Way, says the businesses are a natural fit. “I see the common values of mutual respect, fairness, honesty and the goal to supply our customers with a quality product in a timely way.” Anita Stettner, Saskatchewan Minerals’ Regional Accounts and Logistics Manager, agrees, pointing out that both organizations are family-run. “When I met Tim for the first time, it was apparent that our two companies had similar values.”

Stettner says Chem-Way has been invaluable to maintaining high levels of customer service in the Southeastern United States. “Chem-Way has managed our diverse customer base so well and helped us brainstorm so many unique situations. Together, we’ve overcome obstacles in a way that benefits everyone.”

Fundamental to any relationship is open communication, something that has always been easy for Saskatchewan Minerals and Chem-Way. Swain explains, “Our companies have open communication across all levels. We have weekly conversations with our sales representative, and communicate regularly with management. We have processes in place to handle all the paperwork for packaging and logistics we supply to Saskatchewan.”

When new projects or operations arise, Saskatchewan Minerals ensures Chem-Way is involved from the beginning. Says Swain, “We get all the information up front. Saskatchewan Minerals asks our opinions on how to accomplish goals, and we work together to formulate a game plan.”

After two decades, the alliance is stronger than ever. Says Swain, “A lot of companies talk about having partnerships but what we have takes it even farther. [Saskatchewan Minerals President and CEO] Rodney McCann said it best when he said ‘Saskatchewan Minerals doesn’t own any stock in Chem-Way and Chem-Way doesn’t own any stock in Saskatchewan Minerals, but in our partnership we behave as if we did.’”

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