Certified Kosher

When it comes to making sure our customers receive the best, it’s all kosher. Literally.

At Saskatchewan Minerals, our customers have always come first. As a company built on a foundation of trust and customer service, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our customers’ requirements are met.

In a move to offer the ultimate in service and quality, Saskatchewan Minerals has, since 1992, been committed to full compliance with the Kashrut of Jewish dietary laws – otherwise known as kosher.

The kosher certification has become internationally recognized to represent a high quality standard.

“We obtained kosher certification to meet customer requirements,” says Glenn Jackle, senior quality and process engineer at Saskatchewan Minerals. “Our customers can trust that our product has been through rigorous testing and proper certification to ensure a superior level of product quality.”

The kosher way

While sodium sulphate is not in itself a food product, its use in dishwasher detergents means that it comes in direct contact with tools and vessels used for cooking, serving and consuming food. As a result, it must not contain any material of non-kosher status.

“Our goal is to not only provide our customers with a positive experience with our product, but also provide an experience that exceeds their expectations,” says Glenn. “For this reason, we achieved kosher certification for our product and, at the same time, received a status of pareve, meaning our product is considered neutral and can be used with meat, milk or any other food.”

Since Saskatchewan Minerals’ initial certification, renewals are processed annually and they require full approval prior to using any process chemicals on an experimental or permanent basis.

“Our product meets Food Chemical Codex specifications, and the kosher approval is also indicated on packaging in a manner that’s been approved by the Jewish Community Council of Montreal,” says Glenn.

Producing a kosher product means Saskatchewan Minerals is able to offer the most widely accepted seal of approval. And that’s something our customers can stand behind.