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Did You Know?

Did you know that our sodium sulphate is certified Kosher? Although sodium sulphate is obviously not a food, the Kosher Certification is required because sodium sulphate is used in dishwasher detergents that come in direct contact with items used to cook, serve and consume food.

Peak Performance

Alexandre Bilodeau – Moguls Gold Medal WinnerPeak Performance The pursuit of excellence. It’s the maxim of both Canada’s Olympic athletes and Saskatchewan Minerals. That’s why we are one of a tight group of Canadian private companies that proudly support B2Ten, a privately funded non-profit organization that supports elite athletes to succeed at the highest levels. …

Canada’s 50 Best Managed

Saskatchewan Minerals has been selected as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. This award honours Canadian companies that have implemented world-class business practices and created value in innovative ways. It looks at a company’s performance, growth, leadership, vision, dedication to core competencies and innovation.

Welcome to the Element

Welcome to The Element Rodney McCann – What I love about my job. Welcome to the premiere edition of The Element. This newsletter is our way of staying in touch with our most important customers and associates – you. Our goal is to keep you apprised of what’s new or significant in the world of …