Movember, Big Hairy Deal

Big Hairy Deal

Movember brings moustaches and community spirit to Saskatchewan Minerals

Employees who already had impressive facial hair shaved it all off to start again and barefaced men joined them to spend 30 days growing a moustache. The exercise was all in the name of Movember, a national campaign that has men raise money for Prostate Cancer Canada and just as importantly to show support for those who are dealing with, or have recovered from, prostate cancer.

A Big Hairy Deal

“From my very first day it was driven home that community is really important,” says Matt Hetherington, controller. “This as a great opportunity to develop a camaraderie. We had fun with each other, but the cause was the most important. We never lost focus of why we were doing it.” The Saskatchewan Minerals community has been touched by prostate cancer so it comes as no surprise that nearly every male member of the Chaplin plant decided to participate. It also comes as no surprise that the month of hair growth included good-natured razzing, and friendly competition for best growth.

By the end of the month, before most guys went home and gladly shaved-off their ‘stashes, 30 donations were made to the cause totaling $1,800. Just as important, Saskatchewan Minerals got to show off their camaraderie and community spirit with plans already being made for a bigger and better Movember in 2012.

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