A Safe Work Environment is a Top Priority

Saskatchewan Minerals Inc. - Sodium Sulphate is Our Business

Saskatchewan Minerals celebrates 1,000 days accident-free at the Chaplin facility

Employees at the Saskatchewan Minerals plant can give themselves a pat on the back, having gone 1,000 consecutive days without a Lost Time Accident (LTA). Reaching this milestone means much more than just continuous production for Saskatchewan Minerals.

“It’s hard to explain how good this record makes the whole company feel. Our goal is to make sure we provide a safe environment so that the employees can go home to their families when they finish their work,” explains Brent Avery, General Manager.

Team effort made it possible

Reaching 1,000 days without an LTA is a huge accomplishment. Without the employees working together, this accomplishment would not be possible. This is why it is important to have great employees who look out for one another. No one wants to see anyone else get hurt.

- Jason Nernberg, Assistant Plant Manager & Safety Officer.

Safe Processes Critical in the Industry

Saskatchewan Minerals outlines its safety guidelines in an OHS manual, which must be followed to ensure every process is a safe one.

“In this industry, it is extremely important to think safety at all times,” says Jason. “At our facility there are many safety issues that are a part of the business of selling sodium sulfate.”

“For example, we have a raw stockpile that requires one dozer operator to push salt into the factory. This pile can be extremely high at certain times of the year, so the operator must be extra careful while pushing the raw product.”

It is the extra care that every person in this facility has put in every day that allowed us to reach this wonderful milestone. “Our safety record is an awesome accomplishment. It’s a credit to the workers, that they are always aware of what they are doing. It shows they care about each other, and they look after each other,” says Brent.

This milestone is also something that sets us apart in the industry. “We are always watching, always making sure we’re following safety techniques, and making sure we are on top of what safety requirements are,” says Anita Stettner, Regional Accounts and Logistics Manager. “We really are a shining star within the industry because of our safety record, and the customers see that.”

Committed to Doing the Right Thing

“It’s important that the employees feel comfortable to come forward if they have safety issues,” Jason says. “We will do whatever is possible to make them more comfortable with what they are trying to accomplish.”