A gold standard company

This year, Saskatchewan Minerals goes gold. After being named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for four consecutive years, we’ve become a Gold Standard Member.

It was a golden day at Saskatchewan Minerals when we learned that our company had again been designated one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. We were first awarded the distinction in 2009; now, four years later, we’ve been named a Gold Standard Member. We couldn’t be more proud

Saskatchewan Minerals president and CEO Rodney McCann says meeting the Gold Standard is a tribute to everyone at the company. “To win the designation for one year was wonderful. To be recognized four years in a row is beyond our expectations. The designation has become central to our company and our culture, and we’re committed to constantly improving our standards, and being named a Best Managed Company for many years to come.”

The screening process

A long-time industry leader in sodium sulphate production and distribution, Saskatchewan Minerals caught the eye of the Best Managed Companies program for our leadership in areas from technological innovation to environmental responsibility — not to mention the outstanding dedication of our employees to the company and its vision.

The prestigious Best Companies designation — a mark of corporate excellence since the creation of this national awards program in 1993 — continues to be an aspiration for Canadian-owned and -managed private companies. Each year, hundreds of organizations compete for the honour. Sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, National Post and Queen’s School of Business, the Canada’s Best Managed Companies program recognizes Canadian companies that have implemented world-class business practices. Using a rigorous independent screening process, the awards program measures each company on performance, growth, leadership, vision, dedication to core competencies and innovation.

Teamwork and top quality standards

Maintaining our status as a Best Managed Company means Saskatchewan Minerals can continue to provide top-quality product for years to come, and continue giving our clients the best, most efficient service possible.

Rodney McCann considers the designation an example of the heights that can be reached by a strong team. “Saskatchewan Minerals was chosen for this honour because of the dedication of its employees, suppliers and clients. Attaining Gold Standard Membership was truly a group effort. It took hard work, vision, dedication, focus and determination from everyone involved with Saskatchewan Minerals. We’re extremely grateful to all our employees, clients and partners who have helped us reach and maintain this high standard. It’s a tremendous honour.”