A Few Words from Rod’s Corner

In our last e-Newsletter, I wrote about the economic environment and how Saskatchewan Minerals was emerging itself as a stronger company from a period of global economic uncertainty. Now that we have met many of the fiscal challenges in those previous quarters, my focus in this message is to look at some of the things we do particularly well in our company. I encourage you to read the articles, and watch the videos that accompany them.

As we work harder than ever to be your top commodity supplier, Saskatchewan Minerals remains committed to providing consistently top quality product and unbeatable service . With our location in Chaplin, we simply have to excel at providing customers with a streamlined order shipment process and ensure that efficient stockpile management results in the highest value sodium sulphate. In the end, it’s all about getting the best product to you when you need it.

At Saskatchewan Minerals, shipping and distribution is as important as product quality. Our focus on internal shipping processes, proper management of logistic partners and distribution results in quality that gets passed on directly to our customers. More than any other company, we will remain committed to these processes that allow us to offer the best product and service experience.

Please let me know how we are doing. Your feedback on our newsletter and on our practices is of great value to me. You can contact me directly at rodmccann@saskmin.net.

I am looking forward to sharing a strong and healthy 2011 with you.

Rodney J. McCann
President, Saskatchewan Minerals Inc.